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Sky Summits


In brief, your pilot will launch you from a hillside under a canopy that resembles a parachute but acts like a rigid wing. Once inflated overhead, you will take just a few steps, or a short run to take off from the gentle slope, the wind will catch the canopy and you will be airborne. Once in the air, complete control over direction and speed gives your pilot the freedom to soar ridges, rise on warm currents of air and cover distances.

Flying is a risk sport. However, we try to minimize all the risks by taking ample safety checks and precautions. Our tandem pilots are well trained and certified, and we fly with only high quality, professionally checked and maintained flying equipment.

Each passenger is briefed and issued with a helmet and a flying suit and all pilots carry complete reserve and communication systems.

Weather conditions are also carefully assessed before we take you flying.

Almost anybody can enjoy paragliding tandem flight and we can fly passengers aged from 8 to 80 yrs

No experience is required to fly as you will be fully briefed prior to take off. You will merely run a few steps and the rest is in the hands of your fully qualified pilot. Just sit back and enjoy your flight!

All you need to experience this amazing opportunity is:

- A pair of trainers or boots
- Camera or Videocamera
- Bottle of water
- Comfy clothing

As each canopy has a limit on how many kilos it can carry, our pilots are carefully matched to each passenger according to their combined weight and the weather conditions. We currently enforce a weight limit of 110kg (17stone) per passenger however this can vary according to the passenger's level of fitness.

We will meet you at a mutually convenient location nearest to the selected hill for the day. It may either be drivable all the way to the top, or involve a short easy hike.