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Tandem Booking

Tandem Booking


A typical tandem flight lasts for about 20 minutes and costs £175. This also includes a BHPA 3rd party insurance, a flight certificate and photo/video footage from your flight on a USB card.

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Booking Conditions 

To ensure that everyone’s tandem flights are as safe and as enjoyable as possible it is important that you read and understand these conditions. 


Paragliding is a weather dependent activity.  The conditions required are dry and fine with light winds.  Although we will make every effort to complete your tandem flights as soon as practical, we cannot be held responsible for the weather. 


Our sport is governed by the British Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association (BHPA) and every participant is required to join the association prior to their tandem flight. Currently this fee is £20 per day.  This is included in the price of your flight and you can join on the day of your flight. Your pilot will arrange this for you.

Personal Accident Insurance   

I understand that as a BHPA member I am entitled to third party insurance to the level of 2 million pounds, but that it provides me with NO personal accident cover. I understand that the tandem instructors have third party liability insurance provided by the BHPA, limited to £5,000,000  per claim. I understand that it is advisable to have sufficient personal accident insurance and that it is my sole responsibility to arrange this. 


I understand that the nature of paragliding training involves walking and running short distances on uneven ground and that I will wear ankle supporting footwear at all times.  

I certify that I am in reasonable good health. I understand that it is my responsibility to obtain a doctor's letter certifying my fitness to fly if I suffer from any condition which may affect my physical performance or mental ability to fly. Please note: If you are unsure whether you are fit enough to fly for any reason please contact us to discuss it before booking.

Drugs and Alcohol  

I am not taking any medication or non-prescription drugs of any kind, nor shall I do so during my tandem experience.  Neither shall I consume ANY alcohol during the twelve hours preceding my flight or be under the influence, or be suffering from the effects of alcohol consumption during my participation in the flight.

Instructors Decisions

For safety reasons, the tandem instructors reserve the right to refuse to fly with any person they consider unfit, ill prepared or improperly equipped in any way to continue his or her flight. 

Risk warning!  

By booking for a tandem flight, you understand that paragliding is a potentially dangerous activity and carries an inherent element of risk of injury or death.  You also unreservedly indemnify Sky Summits Ltd, it’s proprietors, instructors, servants or agents for any loss or injury, howsoever caused during your participation in the sport.