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Reliable Flying Conditions

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7 Day Intensive Dual Training Course

Our Moroccan trip has great potential for experienced pilots looking to get their dual licence with a focussed training session. Morocco usually presents consistent and reliable flying conditions, ideal for doing plenty of take-offs and landings, together with soaring flights and top landings. The terrain, a long ridge with flat lands reaching out to the coast a mile away is not unlike the places you may fly at home but with the benefits of laminar sea breezes and gentle thermals.

We use several sites along the coast including the main site at the Eagle’s Nest (Nid d’Aigle) which is 20 mins from our base in Mirleft. A short distance up and down the coast are the dramatic flying sites at Aglou and Legzira. This area, situated between the Atlantic Ocean and the Sahara Desert, is totally unspoiled by tourism, unlike the North of Morocco / Marrakech.

Our course  is designed to comprehensively cover all the training required for the BHPA Tandem Pilot licence with our team of experienced instructors. We also have confirmation that a BHPA examiner will visit us in Morocco towards the end of the trip to examine the pilots who are ready. 

It’s a great opportunity to get lots of flights in, with generally reliable weather conditions and a vehicle to bring you back up to the take off if needed. You can book with confidence as we will give you a full refund if the trip has to be cancelled due to Covid restrictions. There will be opportunities to solo fly on the trip of course and it’s just a great holiday in the sunshine.

Non-flying partners are welcome too at a supplement cost. We can arrange air experience tandem flights for them and other cultural activities for the day.

We plan to run this course next in December 2022. Email us to register your interest.

Travel & Itinerary

The plan is to fly into Agadir in Morocco. The airport is served by many airlines from the UK.

Our team will collect you all as a group and drive to our base in Mirleft which is about 2 hours south of Agadir

Transport will include lifts to and from the flying sites and any recreational trips.

At the end of the trip, we will drive the group to Agadir airport.


We will be staying in the small coastal town of Mirleft, either at the Abertih hotel, or in an apartment nearby. 

The hotel is built in the local Moorish style and this charming family run guest house has proven itself to be a real favourite with all who have stayed there.

Breakfast and dinner are at the hotel, the food is typically Moroccan and delicious. A good value lunch is available at the launch area.

The Abertih vibe is wonderful, with excellent food, a good selection of drinks and a Hammam in the hotel for post flight massages. 

Non-flying partners are welcome at a supplement cost. We can arrange air experience tandem flights for them and other cultural activities for the day.

Fees & Dates

  • Fees : £1500
  • Includes
    - Instruction, site briefings,
       debriefings and in-flight guidance,
       covering all aspects of dual training
    - Mountain transport and retrieves
    - Airport transfers to and from Agadir
    - Half board Accommodation
       on twin sharing basis
  • Not Included
    - Lunch
    - Any extra site costs 
    - Cost of extra activities
    - Alcohol / drinks

  • Non Flying Partner : £575
  • Includes
    - Airport transfers to and from Agadir
    - Half board Accommodation
  • Not Included
    - Lunch
    - Cost of extra activities
    - Alcohol / drinks

  • Duration : 10 days
  • Dates : Dec 2022

What is covered in training ?

Designed to comprehensively cover all the training required for the BHPA Tandem Pilot licence with our experienced dual instructors, this intensive course includes all the theory and practical work you will require to become a safe and skilled tandem pilot. This includes developing your interaction with the passenger prior to and during the flight.

You will have an opportunity to carry out plenty of launches, short flights and landings, exploring a variety of techniques. The course will involve flying as the pilot and as the passenger.

When you have completed sufficient flights and reached the required standard, a mock examination will be conducted by your instructors. This involves an interview, practical flying exercises and a multi-choice written exam. The training will prepare you for an independent examination by the BHPA, who's visit to Morocco has been confirmed.

Note: The BHPA dual examination fees are not included but Sky Summits will arrange for a BHPA examiner to be available to test at the end of the course. The standard required by the BHPA is very high and there is no guarantee of a pass.


Pilot introductions and aims

Paperwork check

Equipment discussion and check

Flight Training

Solo flying practice

Groundhandling (dual system)

Pre-flight briefings & rehearsals

Passenger position flights 

Pilot position flights

Theory & Exam

Interview discussion and practice

Mock Exam

Confirmatory Q and A session

Paperwork update

BHPA exam application

BHPA External examination conducted by a BHPA Technical officer

Sky Summits

Please note, this course content is structured on the assumption that the solo piloting level is ‘Expert’. Additional training days may be recommended by the CFI, based on individual aptitude and skill levels.
Order may vary depending on weather conditions, to make the most out of each training day.

If you are serious about becoming a tandem pilot, purchasing and practicing with your own gear is a definite advantage. There will be a surcharge of £500 on the trip fees if you need to use our school tandem equipment for training. 

You are also encouraged to bring your own personal flying equipment
so you can enjoy some solo flying as well.

The Sky Summits Advantage

This is an intensive tandem training tour, where the weather is more predictable and you can get a repetitive practice
to perfect your technique

We aim to provide the highest standard of training whilst ensuring that risks to your safety are kept as low as reasonably practicable

Our well established training methodology ensures
you get the best practices nailed down

Provided you have the right aptitude, our holistic and intensive training will prepare you and greatly increase your chances for clearing a very tough independent examination by the BHPA, which is in 3 phases :
- an interview
- practical flying exercises
- a multi-choice written exam

BHPA Training Pre-Requisites

Full annual BHPA membership with a Pilot rating and
in current flying practice

You must be a BHPA Pilot rated paraglider hill pilot, have logged at least 200 flying hours in the hill environment, acquired over at least 50 separate flights and have carried out at least 20 solo or tandem flights in the previous 6 months

You will need good communication skills and be able to brief your passengers clearly. The standard of piloting required is 'Expert'

You must have completed and logged a solo advanced glider control course (SIV) in the past

You must hold a valid first aid certificate that shows that you have completed a (minimum) 1 day first aid course.

Sky Summits

Meet Your Air Experience Instructors

Our team of highly skilled instructors have hundreds of hours of experience flying solo and tandem, and are all BHPA qualified Air Experience Instructors


Pete Gallagher

Chief Flying Instructor

Pete is a legend and the Chief Flying Instructor at Sky Summits. He is a BHPA senior instructor and has been flying paragliders for 20 years.  He had a long career in the Army before settling in to teaching paragliding in all forms. Pete is a keen cross-country pilot, tandem pilot and speed flyer. He is also a massively experienced skydiver and BASE jumper. He has done it all.

Tandem Gear

If you are serious about becoming a tandem pilot, purchasing and practicing with your own gear is a definite advantage.

We are dealers for most brands of paragliding equipment, so do feel free to talk to us and get good advice.

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