Are you an XC hound or a newbie pilot looking to polish your thermalling skills?

Join us as we chase the sun around the world, exploring new sites and finding the best weather to maximize your flying potential


Pete Gallagher

CFI, Tandem Air Experience School

Pete is a legend and the Chief Flying Instructor at Sky Summits. He is a BHPA senior instructor and has been flying paragliders for 20 years.

He had a long career in the Army before settling in to teaching paragliding in all forms. He is a massively experienced skydiver and BASE jumper.  Pete is a keen cross-country pilot, tandem pilot and speed flyer. He’s done it all.


James Petts

AE Instructor, XC Guide, Tandem Pilot

James is a seasoned XC guide. He has considerable knowledge in all aspects of flying, guiding and teaching, from beginners through to advanced pilot training in big mountain or the flat lands. He is dedicated to the sport, flying and working all round the world as a guide and instructor - in countries such as Colombia, Bulgaria, Spain, India, Brazil and Turkey. He is also a paragliding Air Experience Instructor. In addition, he has over 20 years of instructional experience in skiing and diving to the highest level.


Debu Choudhury

XC & Vol Biv Guide, SIV Instructor

𝘿𝙚𝙗𝙪 was born and grew up in the stunning Manali. He dropped out of school at the age of 16 to start his flying career. Since then his life has revolved around paragliding.

His knowledge of the flying in north India is second to none since he has been flying in the area for the last twenty five years, and he has pioneered many of the routes including the first flight from Bir to Manali in 2000. Debu holds the current distance record in the area with a 256 km flight in April 2018. This was not only a new record from Bir but also the biggest flat triangle ever flown in Asia.

He’s fluent in English, Italian, French, Hindi and Pahari (the local mountain dialect).

It is hard to imagine a better person with whom to decode the best lines to connect the high peaks and enjoy a relaxing bivy mission.


Stefan Bernhard

XC Guide, Competition Mentor

Stefan started flying paragliders in the 90s when he still was flying fast jets in the German Airforce. Now a retired fighter pilot, he regularly competes in Paragliding World Cups and various Nationals around the globe, is a part of the German team and has earned a top 20 position in the world ranking.

Stefan still loves a quiet evening top to bottom after hiking up a mountain for a couple of hours, but also enjoys the demanding all day long XC flights when you get in the flow for hours.

Stefan is most happy when he can transfer his knowledge and see how pilots improve their flying, sharing their excitement and joy.

He will break down every aspect of paragliding with military precision and make it available to you in usable chunks. He is the specialist competition mentor on our team, and will love to help pilots refine their comp flying skills. You turn you lose !


Andy MacDonald

AE Instructor, XC Guide, Tandem Pilot

Andy has had a career in aviation and is currently a professional helicopter pilot instructor. He is a paragliding instructor and AEI, DSC Chief Coach. With a wealth of aviation knowledge, he supports the BHPA with his technical knowledge. He is also an enthusiastic competition pilot with many successes under his belt. Andy enjoys teaching all things aviation.

For him, paragliding exercises the mind and calms the soul


Magnus Auvinen

XC Guide

Magnus discovered paragliding while travelling through the Dolomites, and became a pilot in 2012. He has flown in locations all over the globe, including Colombia, India and numerous locations across Europe.

Magnus is a proficient theorist, having developed good analytical skills in the realms of thermalling and carving. He is especially adept at getting the most out of weak thermals and maximizing air time.

When they say the devil is in the details, Magnus listened. 


Dave Manning

AE Instructor, Tandem Pilot

Dave Manning


Martin Cray

AE Instructor, Tandem Pilot

Martin Cray


Aaron Binks

XC Guide, Tandem Pilot

Aaron Binks

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