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Super Muffles Expéditions Everest 8848
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Those Super Muffles Expedition Paragliding EVEREST 8848 – Done for flying over the highest mountain ranges of the world, over 8000 meters hight !

The warmest, toasty muffles ever made by Windsriders, to protect your hands from the cold (- 30 °C) for only 270 g (one size).

From our first generation of muffles K2 (still available), appreciated by more than 600 pilots, we’ve done this Super version, warmer, bigger, and easier to use at the take-off, with a garantee of warm, even at the top of the Everest !
To whom is it addressed ? To pilots who are flying a lot of hours, in the cold, in winter, and who want the Must of Comfort, without any compromise, without troubles of charges (batteries), with simplicity of use.

Technical Specs
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Brand Windsriders

What difference with the muffles K2 first model (still available) ?

  • The length of the sleeve, which covers the forearm even more.
  • The overall volume of the sleeve, with larger cells and even more filled with this super down 700 Cuin.
  • The side zipper, which allows an easy take-off, with the sleeves on the forearms, bare hands or finely gloved. Once in the air, just pull the Everest sleeve up on the brake handle, and with the other hand, pull the zip up (thanks to a 15 cm strap that you will have to wrap around the brake line and come back to the sleeve, using the well-placed velcro, to lock the whole thing in place. The sleeve is in place, and can no longer escape from its handle (Be careful, however, with the very thin handles of ultra-light wings). They can pass through the hole). Inside, the hand is free, in contact with the handle and the brake line, without hindrance.
  • Note the presence, along the zipper, of a large anti-cold bead, which covers the zipper and obstructs the very small hole at the top of the brake line passage. The hand is well insulated from the outside, with no thermal bridge. The low insulation is guaranteed by the use of a down jacket in Reverse or Thermal Light style. The natural inflation of the sleeve of these down jackets allows an optimal “fit” in the sleeve, without the need for a tightening tie.  The volume of the sleeve keeps the bottom opening in shape, making it easy to get your hands in and out, if you need to tinker, adjust an instrument or take pictures.
  • The closing of the top zip is made easier by a small loop in its lower inner part, which allows the zip to be tensioned and therefore the slider to be pulled up.
  • The sleeves are secured from the inside via a small carabiner to be fixed on the brake handle. You can also choose to use this carabiner on the inner elastic, pulling it out from the bottom and attaching it to the harness carabiner. Easy!
  • 2 small loops, sewn on the bottom of the Everest sleeve, allow you to attach an elastic band, as some pilots do with the “Acro” steering handles. The elastic (not supplied) will be attached to the harness or the connecting link, ensuring tension and stability of the sleeve. It is a matter of taste, but you should know that it complicates a little bit the take-off when mounted in this way.
  • No more small rubber band to insert on the risers (Sleeves Version 1 – K2 ). No more need, since you can take off with the sleeves in place on the forearms.
  • In the end, the Everest sleeve is much warmer and easier to use than the K2. It is more technical in construction, heavier and more down-filled.
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