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SPOT Gen4 Satellite Tracker
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SPOT Gen4 is a personal satellite tracking and SOS device. The 4th generation sees improvements to battery life, design and durability.



Should the worst happen you can be reassured that your SPOT device will alert your emergency contacts (set-up before your trip) as well as the FocusPoint International Emergency Response Center of your GPS co-ordinates at the push of a button.  The transmission via satellite means that even in the most remote of areas your SOS situation will be responded to.

FocusPoint International will assess your location to co-ordinate rescue with local emergency services as well as communicating with your emergency contacts.


Track Progress orders your SPOT device to begin automatically sending out tracking messages at pre-defined intervals.  All track points will be sent to SPOT Mapping, an online mapping portal where you can create a public URL for contacts to monitor as you undertake your journey.

Motion-activated tracking means the device will only send out track points when you are moving to preserve battery life.

SPOT Gen4 Tracking Frequencies:

  • 2.5 min tracking interval: Basic service plan and Extreme tracking service plan required
  • 5 min tracking interval: Basic service plan required
  • 10 min tracking interval: Basic service plan required
  • 30 min tracking interval: Basic service plan required


SPOT Gen4 can be used to send pre-defined messages to friends, family or colleagues.  These messages can be delivered to email addresses or by SMS.  Simply set up the text you wish to send and the recipients you want to send to before your trip and at the push of a button your message can be sent.

Pre-defined message buttons on offer are Check-In for manual location updates, Help for non life threatening situations and Custom for whatever you choose e.g. running late or arrived safely.  All pre-defined messages will automatically include your GPS co-ordinates.

Up to 10 recipients can be set-up for each pre-defined message type.

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