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Neo Suspender
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Improvements over traditional XC pod harness:

  • ABS geometry integrated with a new NEO concept: the paragliding bucket seat. The result: comfort, stability, handling, and precision.
  • Safety innovations: The NEO-Koroyd 1.0 back protector.
  • Practical details and technical accessories, designed by pilots for XC flights.
  • Craftsmanship and quality from our wholly-owned, on-sight production facility, using 100% European materials.

New geometry, new concept: The Bucket Seat
The focus of our design work was on the geometry and the seat area of the harness, creating a stable and ergonomic foundation with a very precise turn. To achieve this, we integrated a new EVA sandwich back protector into the harness. The result is that the Suspender is a new hybrid concept combining a bucket seat and a mix of seat-board and hammock characteristics, with a more streamlined and supportive protector that spans the full length of the harness.

The geometry design and trimming is centered around:

  • Harness CG.
  • Carefully tuned ABS (Anti-Balance-System), to control the roll axis.
  • Pitch attitude balance, to control yaw axis.
  • Additional upper ABS structure for additional stability in active air.
  • Adjustable center webbing (42-47cm) for precision and roll axis stability.
  • Optimal balance between stability, glider feedback, and handling.

In flight, you can feel:

  • Structured thigh support which maintains turn energy and creates a feeling similar to skiing: the carve effect.
  • Precise handling
  • The seat rigidity maintains heading when you push the speed bar. The Suspender offers comfort and precision similar to a competition harness, for a much smaller weight.


  • The bucket seat is the most comfortable harness we have flown.
  • Balanced support in the seat and the pod, allowing the pilot to relax both the torso and legs.
  • There is no need to tighten the shoulder straps: the seatback is very rigid, eliminating back pain during long flights.
  • The sponge seat densities are optimal for long flights.
  • Precise, simple trimming: side straps, seat depth/lumbar straps, front belt, shoulders straps, and chest strap.

Active safety:
During more than 300 hours of flight testing, the active safety features of the Suspender have been proven.

  • You can fly the Suspender in a seated position, with stability immediately after launch and while settling into the pod. There is no “swing set” sensation.
  • The rescue handle is easy to find, located on the main carabiner axis.
  • The under-seat rescue container easily deploys the rescue via a large opening.
  • Easy pod entry and exit.

Passive safety:
Revolutionary details:

  • Engineered paragliding back protection, NEO-Koroyd 1.0
  • the most significant innovation in back protection in the last 20 years.
  • Koroyd technology :
  • Protects the entire vertebral spine.
  • 9 cm thickness.
  • 480 gr.
  • Certifications and laboratory tests:
    • EN / LTF09 : load test, rescue handle, and inner container test, back protection impact test, by Air Turquoise swiss laboratory /
    • CE : back protection test following the PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) European directive, by CRITT Laboratory (FR).
    • Opening rescue test on G-Force simulator.
  • 2 automatic buckles, and the Get-Up safety system linked with a Fidlock bluckle system to prevent pod closure without locking your leg straps.
  • The underseat rescue container is closed by 2 pins, with a large 2-zip opening. Two flaps open across the total width of the harness.
  • Safety accessories :
  • Heli kit, NEO innovation: For the first time, a heli rescue kit is integrated in a paragliding harness. The heli kit is recommended by paragliding associations and rescue helicopter agencies.
  • Hook-knife : emergency safety knife, to cut webbing and lines.
  • The rescue parachute deployment bag is delivered with the Suspender, to adapt your rescue pack volume to the container size.
  • Materials:
  • Made in Europe.
  • New NEO Dyneema/PES 20mm webbing developped with Technisangles (FR).
  • Automatic buckles AustriAlpin Cobra (A).
  • Automatic carabiners NEO Rocket, specially designed for paragliding via a NEO/AustriAlpin (A) partnership.
  • NEO 20mm Aluminum 2047 buckles produced in Haute-Savoie (FR).

                        Practical details :

                        • Large back pocket closed by asymmetric zip for easy rucksack packing.
                        • Hydration pocket located in the back pocket with tube access at shoulder strap.
                        • External zip side pocket.
                        • Internal pocket for radio.
                        • Instrument cockpit with zip pocket.
                        • Straps + Velcro on shoulder straps for radio external mic. or solar vario.
                        • 4 aluminium easy trim buckles, for pod.
                        • Aluminium / Stainless steel trim buckles.
                        Technical Specs
                        More Information
                        Brand Neo
                        Specs N/A

                        French made :

                        • The Suspender is 100% made in France
                            • The Suspender is locally designed and constructed in the NEO workshop.
                              • All fabric and webbings are made in Europe, exclusively developed for NEO by our suppliers.
                                • YKK zippers.
                                  • Harken ball bearing puleys.
                                    • Leather finish for a better ageing of the parts in contact with the metal and to reinforce the zips garages.
                                    Package Includes

                                    Accessories :

                                    • 3 step speed bar on sliding face (supplied).
                                    • Removable instrument cockpit.
                                    • Cockpit lift / extension (option).
                                    • Ergonomic rucksack 110L. (option) designed for the Suspender and the ultra-thin 9cm NEO-Koroyd back protection. Fold your wing into 3 parts inside your Suspender harness and experience the ergonomics of a thinner and lower volume rucksack.
                                      Harness Type Light Weight, Pod