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BGD Compression Bag
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It’s made from lightweight ripstop with quality plastic clips and zippers – ideal for hike-and-fly or travelling where small pack size is important. 

It’s easy to pack your wing in the concertina compression bag, even in a windy landing field. Simply gather the leading edge keeping the supports aligned, followed by the rest of the wing as you would with the concertina bag, fastening the clips along the length of the tube from leading to trailing edge. Stow the risers in their dedicated pocket, then fold the tube into three sections and close the side zips to compress the wing.  

Please note: we don’t recommend storing your wing compressed for long periods of time. 

The Compress bag is intended to reduce the pack size of small and light gliders for hike and fly. It is not suitable for high performance gliders which contain full length plastic rods, such as the Cure2 or the Diva.

Technical Specs
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Brand BGD

One Size

Dimensions (opened tube): 270cm length

Dimensions (folded pack): 60cm x 35cm x 20cm

Weight: 260g

2-6 weeks