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AirDesign Volt 4
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Volt 4 – electrifying performance

So far, 2-line glider technologies have been only used in advanced or competition gliders. With the Volt 4, AirDesign brings the benefits of the 2-liner to another level of pilots. With the passive safety of the EN-C class, the Volt in 2-liner brings you another level of performance with a new style of piloting. A far more stable leading edge will push you to use the bar even more, with a level of comfort, safety and confidence not known in the 3-liner brothers. Enjoy!

Construction & Features

  • Double coated Skytex, doubled seams and etching tape on edges: robustness is the key
  • Unsheathed but color-coded lines (Aramid, Edelrid 8000U)
  • 3.7mm Edelrid Taurus Dyneema risers
  • Full chord Nitinol rods not only saving weight and increasing robustness, but also allowing a super compact folding
  • Seamless razor edge trailing edge: all seams are internal for a cleaner surface


“For every AD wing, we use a claim and a hashtag. For the Volt 4, we chose to stick to Electrifying performance and #speedmachine because it suits this fourth generation so well! It took us several years of development to finally design a package that fulfills our own requirements within the EN-C category. It’s not only the allowance to use folding lines in the EN-C-Class that made it possible to certify the Volt 4 in that category – there is much more than this to make a good EN-C glider. We are rather looking at the pilot demands and then trying to make the glider following them. Fulfilling the norm is just the final act.”

Stephan Stiegler


Technical Specs
More Information
Brand Air Design
Area | Flat (m2) 20,05 21,50 22,94 24,68 26,42
Area | Projected (m2) 17,17 18,41 19,65 21,14 22,64
Span | Flat (m) 11,42 11,82 12,21 12,67 13,11
Span | Projected (m) 9,31 9,64 9,96 10,33 10,68
Aspect ratio | Flat 6,5 6,5 6,5 6,5 6,5
Aspect ration | Projected 5,04 5,04 5,04 5,04 5,04
Cells 57
Total line Length 209 216 221 230 238
Weight (kg) 3,26 3,51 3,74 4,02 4,31
Start weight (kg) 60-73 70-82 80-92 88-103 99-115
EN Category * EN-C EN-C EN-C *

* Certification in progress


• Top Sail : Porcher Skytex 27 classic II
• Bottom Sail: Porcher Skytex 27 classic II
• Ribs: Porcher Skytex 27 hard


• Top lines: Edelrid 8000/U-070, 090, 9200-035
• Middle Lines: Edelrid 8000/U-130, 190
• Main Lines: Edelrid 8000/U-190, 230, 280, 360

Risers: EDELRID Taurus – ~3,7mm Dyneema Rope

Maillons: 4,3mm JOO-TECH/Korea

Package Includes

The colors presented in the pictures and in the movie are not definitive. Here are the final color schemes:

2-6 weeks