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AirDesign Eazy 3
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EN-A gliders are generally renowned as safe, predictable, but they are also equally regarded as boring, with no feeling, no great discernible handling, slow – and only for beginners.

The Eazy 2 Superlight shrugs off these clichés and sets a complete new standard for EN-A wings – maximum forgiveness in combination with fun in flight. Maximum forgiveness in combination with fun in flight.


Pilot profile

Your first glider. A confidence-inspiring wing that will allow you to develop and evolve your skills with maximum forgiveness, safety and fun.

Keeping you smiling for longer. Agile handling characteristics for long-lasting satisfaction!

High-stability and perfect start characteristics, making it ideal for hike & fly applications.

Small sizing support for lighter pilots (XS and XXS)


How does it fly?

The Eazy 2 is highly stable, offering a new level of passive safety – nothing can really shake it. It drives through turbulence as if it wasn’t present, and the canopy stays where it belongs – overhead, with rock-solid stability. Due to the glider’s reduced weight, launch behaviour is excellent – and pilots will notice a slight yet crisp increase in steering precision and agility, matched with our trademark ‘comfort in flight’.

It’s the perfect choice for your first flights. Predictable, fun and confidence inspiring. We’ve developed this glider not only for the entry-level pilot, but also for those developing pilots seeking a fun and reliable glider that supports extended progression with the added versatility of being Hike and Fly adventure ready.


The weight of the glider: The Eazy 2 comes in two Versions – Standard and Superlight. In the Superlight version, the glider weight starts at an incredibly light 2.75 kg.

Takeoff behavior: No tendency to overshoot – easy to control. There is really nothing more to say about it.

Risers: The risers, like the entire glider, are easily accessible and immediately understandable.

The sizes: The Eazy 2 comes in super small sizes for lighter pilots (real XXS & XS Sizes!)

Technical Specs
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Brand Air Design


* 50-65kg is the standard payload, 65-72kg is an increased payload (both areas EN-A)


• Top Sail: Dominico Dokdo -30DMF(WR) 40 g/m²
• Bottom Sail: Dominico Dokdo DTN-40D-MF(WR) 47 g/m²
• Ribs: Dominico 30D hard

• Top lines: Liros DSL70
• Middle lines: Liros PPSL120
• Main lines: Edelrid 7343-280

Riser: 20mm Nylon
Maillons: 4.3mm JOO-TECH/Korea

Package Includes

2-6 weeks